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When it comes to marketing your Hobby or Business of Plasma cutting you have a lot of options.  Make sure to check out the page on Turning your Hobby into a Business for additional info.   Assuming your in the business world now and your out of the hobby mode, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Living in an electronic society here is where I would start.  

Website - Get a domain name for your business and set up a website.  There are many places that allow you to build your own site, you can pay someone to do it for you but there is really no need.  The website builders today are drag and drop, quick and easy. Remember people judge books by their cover so make sure your website is nice and professional. Here

Is a link to my business website:  Desert Fabworks LLC

Facebook - If your not on Facebook well its time.  If your on Facebook then, just set up a new page

for your business.  Make sure your business is separated from your personal account this will make it easier to

keep the two separate and establish your self as a business and not a hobby shop.

Instagram - Photos are a great way to showcase your work and catch a customers eye.  

Adding a Instagram or Pinterest account will help you showcase your work.   You can also

link your Instagram and Facebook accounts.   So for instance you can take a picture of

your latest project post it to Instagram and have it post on your Facebook account at

the same time in one easy step.

Hash tags -  Using hash tags “#somethingrelated” is a great way to reach new audiences in various

markets.   Especially on Instagram.  If you cut a picture of a cat then you should do #cat and #catlover

in the comment for your photo. This will allow Instagram to target people who love cats with your photo.  

Claim your Listing -  In Google do the claim your listing option to take ownership of your location and business in Google maps as well as Google business listing.  Pick your business services carefully so that you come up in peoples searches and you can be recommend when people search for specific services you provide.

Videos -   Videos tend to get a lot of attention, but they need to be quality ones not a shaking

mess.  So take the time to do a good video now and then and upload it to Youtube in a Business

account and work on gathering a following.  Using appropriate and descriptive key words will help

your work make it to your intended target audience.

Operating your business with morals and ethics and great customer service will help with the word of mouth spread of your business and ensure that you get positive reviews and comments.   When you have a customer that is happy with your work encourage them to leave a review on Google and Facebook.

The items listed above are low to no cost options to getting your name out there.   You can also you things like Craigslist to list your services but it can be hit or miss.  Paid advertising is available through Google and Facebook as well.

Getting involved with charities or events has been helpful for me.  I get a tax write off on the piece or pieces provided they are a 501c3 charity, and I usually get free publicity out of the deal.   Getting your product and services out there to be seen will help. You can also do things like going the local Chamber of Commerce so that you can present yourself and do business to business services and joining usually gets you a listing service.  

Booths -  Setting up a both at craft fares, community events like chili cook offs ect can also be a way to establish yourself with your local community.  Working shows and booths can be a lot of work and you will want to have quite a bit of inventory to offer for sale at these events as well as being able to take custom orders.

Reaching the rest of the world -  As your business grows and if your using the right key words and tapping into the resources of Google your reach will begin to spread.  You can speed this up by doing paid advertising spots with photos or videos on Facebook and Google.  You can pick your audience using a lot of factors including location, age, likes ect.   You will be able to control the spending and the audience you want to reach.  Be careful though that you do not advertise and take on more than you can handle.

I’m always a bit amazed when I get customers contacting me from the other side of the country, just goes to show that with proper marketing and operating a business that values customer service and quality there is no telling how far your reach will be.

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